10 Step Homepage Plan

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Learn all about how to create your very own top converting homepage using our 10-Step Homepage Plan framework. Over the next 6 weeks you’ll learn from Robert Elding, an industry expert in digital proposition development with over 20yrs industry experience.

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Course Structure


Lesson 1 - Introduction

Welcome aboard! In this introduction to the program you'll learn about some of the key principles that we'll be covering off in the coming weeks. 

Lesson 2 - Why Homepages Matter

You'll learn about key concepts like 'MOO' and eliminating question marks. 

Lesson 3 - The Role Of The Homepage

Understand the role of the homepage and each of the different homepage types.

Lesson 4 - Types of Homepage

Learn more about the different types of homepages.

Lesson 5 - Homepage Lifecycles

In this lesson, you will see what homepage lifecycles are and how they develop over time.

Lesson 6 - Core Elements of a Homepage

Learn all about the core elements of a homepage and the importance of 'visual hierarchy'.

Lesson 7 - The Steps to Creating Your Homepage

Understand the steps involved in creating your homepage


Lesson 1 - Personas

In this lesson we discuss the idea of personas and what we need to think about when designing for persona needs. There is also an exercise for you to complete

Lesson 2 - Persona worksheets explained

In this lesson we run through the elements of the downloadable persona worksheets

Lesson 2a - Persona worksheet downloads

Please download the worksheets for lesson 2 here: DOWNLOAD

Lesson 3 - The Core Messaging Canvas + Jobs To Be Done

In this Lesson we run through the Core Messaging canvas. Download it here: 

We also discuss 'Jobs to be Done'


Lesson 4 - Mapping Your Before + After Messages

In this lesson, we map the 'Before and After' state of your user so that we can think about how to use this messaging in our homepage design. Download the Messaging Canvas Here

Lesson 5 - Statement of Value

In this lesson we will be looking at statement of value or value proposition. Download the worksheets here

Lesson 6 - Bad Value Proposition Examples

In this lesson you will see some examples of bad value propositions and how you can learn from them.

Lesson 7 - Good Value Propositions

In this lesson you will see five examples of good value propositions or statements of value.

Lesson 8 - Brainstorming Metaphors

In this lesson you will be completing the core messaging canvas by brainstorming metaphors to use as part of your homepage proposition. If you haven't already,  Download the worksheets here

Lesson 9 - Getting Customer Quotes + Comments

In this final lesson of the module, you will learn all about getting useful quote and testimonials from your customers to use on your new homepage.


Lesson 1 - Wireframing Your Homepage

In this lesson you will find out how to use the Wireframe Template which you can download here: 

Lesson 2 - Wireframe Examples Part 1

In this lesson you will see some examples that you can learn from and use when constructing your own homepage wireframe.

Lesson 3 - Wireframe Examples Part 2

In this final lesson of the module you will see some more examples of each of the parts of the 10 Step Homepage plan that you can use in your own wireframe now.


Lesson 1 - Download: The Homepage Audit Tool

Download the Homepage Audit Tool here: 

You will need to use this in the following lessons.

Lesson 2 - Introduction To The Audit Tool

In this lesson we will introduce the Homepage Audit tool and you will learn the basics on how to audit your own homepage.

Lesson 3 - Bad Audit Examples

In this lesson we will run through some bad examples of homepages and some key things to avoid

Lesson 4 - Good Audit Examples

In this lesson you will see examples of good homepages to model against when completing your audit.

Lesson 5 - The Blur Test Part 1

In part 1 of this lesson you will discover how to set up a 'Blur Test' for your homepage. 

Lesson 6 - The Blur Test Part 2

In part 2 of this lesson you will complete the 'Blur Test' for your homepage and get your results.

Lesson 7 - The Five Second Test Part 1

In the first part of this lesson we'll be running through the idea of a '5 Second Test' to identify any immediate issues with your homepage. 

Lesson 8 - The Five Second Test Part 2

In this lesson you will complete your five second test and get some valuable customer feedback on your homepage

Lesson 9 - Summary & Next Steps

This is the final lesson in the 10 Step Homepage Plan and is a recap of the end to end process and the lessons that you have covered in this training.