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4-Step Customer Plan

Use the “4-Step Customer Plan” to get more leads from your website – FAST


Discover how to use this four step process to move prospects into genuine sales (the real reasons without having to use an expensive consultant).


Find out where your lead generation issues are and how each step corresponds to a different stage of your customer engagement and buying journey.


Optimize every element of your lead generation using our free guide to grow your business’ reach and attract more customers.


The 4-Step Customer Plan has worked in a range of markets (We’ve used it in financial services, pharma, small business, consultancy and more…)


…Examine the how to make immediate changes that will impact your bottom line and leverage our tested and proven “4-Step Customer Plan” to attract customers in hours…not days.

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“The ‘4-Step Customer Plan’ is my go to guide when I need a fast way to explain and implement effective changes for clients – because it just works!”

– Robert Elding, CEO, Make Your Site Convert.

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